Conventional Fire Alarm System can be used in applications such as commercial, residential, small buildings … etc. This system is highly cost effective for similar applications DetectFire provides complete range for the conventional system products, such as 4 zones control panel (model DF550-4CP) UL listed, 8 zones control panel (model DF560-8CP) UL listed, smoke detector (model DF 501 – SD) UL listed, heat detector (model DF 502 – HD) UL listed, multi-sensor detector (model DF 503-MD) UL listed, conventional horn/strobe (model DF 500 – HS), manual call point (model DF 600-CCP) EN & CE approved. Also, DetectFire enhanced the agent releasing panel (model DF 900-RP) to be 4 zones with 2 fire extinguishing areas, UL listed.